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Making Prescriptions Easier

Med Sync is a Synchronized Prescription Refill Service that allows patients to pick up of all of their ongoing prescription refills at the pharmacy on one single, convenient day each month.

When you have multiple prescriptions it can be a hassle to run to the pharmacy separately for each prescription as it needs refilling. Our Med Sync service adjusts your pill count so that all your prescriptions run out on the same day. That puts an end to multiple trips to the pharmacy on different days to refill each prescription. It saves you time, gas and hassle.

Spend less time worrying about your prescriptions, and more time enjoying life.

When your refill is due the pharmacist will check for possible drug interactions that may go unnoticed with separate refill schedules.

If you’re tired of worrying about missing your refill and running out of your medications, you’re going to enjoy the peace of mind you’ll have from this system.

Your Pharmacist Will Review All Your Prescriptions

Relax! The System is Automatic

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